About YK Prague
This program is designed for Bochurim ages 16 - 17, looking to spend their summer in a Chassidishe atmosphere, infused with Shlichus and learning, while enjoying and exploring the city of Prague and surroundings.

The program is under the auspices of Rabbi Manis Barash, and led by Rabbi Folly Dubov & Rabbi Mendy Barash, along with staff members, experienced מגידי שיעורים and משפיעים.

Nestled in the heart of the Old Jewish Quarter, steps from the Maharal’s Shul, YK Prague offers a special experience for serious bochurim looking to learn behasmada, with great conditions and experienced staff.

A full 6-week program that includes trips, sports, activities and farbrengens and shiurim from visiting Shluchim.Aside from the individually tailored curriculum, talmidim will use the opportunity to immerse themselves in mivtzoim and hafatza on a daily basis. Thousands of Jewish tourists flock the city, giving the YK a unique opportunity of Shlichus like no other.

Space is very limited!